Suzuki will produce ‘flying cars’ with SkyDrive

Suzuki to make 'flying cars'

The Japanese carmaker Suzuki Motor Corporation announced a deal to produce “flying cars” with SkyDrive Inc. It is saying that Suzuki will produce ‘flying cars’ with SkyDrive.

Suzuki to make 'flying cars'
Suzuki to make ‘flying cars’ Photo credit: AUTOCARINDIA.COM

Electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft will be produced by the firms at a Suzuki Group facility in central Japan; manufacturing is expected to start by the spring of 2024, according to a statement from Suzuki.

According to the automaker, SkyDrive will set up a fully-owned subsidiary to manufacture the aircraft, while Suzuki will assist with setting up the factory, including acquiring talent.

Inshort in future we can see the latest technology of flying car because Suzuki will produce ‘flying cars’ with SkyDrive as per news.

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